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It’s Up To YOU To Get A New MSI Album!

It’s been nearly five years since the release of If, the fourth and latest Mindless Self Indulgence Album. Despite many tours in recent years—along with the release of The Left Rights’s (MSI band members’ Jimmy Urine and Steve Righ’s side-project) debut album in 2010—many fans have been crying out for a new album for quite some time.

Luckily, that time is almost here.


You’re probably familiar with MSI in one form or another. Their single “Shut Me Up”—off 2005’s You’ll Rebel To Anything—is commonly heard at raves and in retail stores including Spencer’s and Hot Topic. Vocalist Jimmy Urine (birth name: James Euringer) is featured on June 2012’s game release of Lollipop Chainsaw as the voice of punk-rock zombie Zed, along with composing most of the game’s boss music tracks. Bassist Lyn-Z is the wife of My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way and the mother of their daughter Bandit.

Mindless Self Indulgence has been entertaining fans with their wildly-catchy, eccentric, and oftentimes explicit lyrics since 1997! (members left-to-right are Kitty, Jimmy Urine, Steve Righ?, and Lyn-Z)

MSI’s songs have also been found in various movies, commercials, and especially as background tracks for YouTube videos. They have also released numerous albums via their own independent record label “Uppity Cracker”.

So why is the time for their latest album “almost” here?

There’s a catch to releasing a new MSI album, and it involves the help of all of their fans to accomplish. The new album—thus far untitled—is scheduled for release on March 13th, 2013, which kind of makes you wonder if they plan to title the album something along the lines of ThreeTresTrois…you get the idea. However, in order to release the album, at least $150,000 must be funded by Monday, December 24th, 2012.

The funds for their fifth album are being raised on the band’s official Kickstarter account. Within less than two weeks, over $62,000 has already been pledged by devoted fans, making the album’s March release seem very likely. Fans who donate $1 or more will receive a free digital download of the album upon its release. Those who up the ante and pledge $5 will get a download of the deluxe album, which contains 3 original bonus tracks (not covers or remixes of old songs) and a PDF file of the album art. Pledging $25 gets you a free backer-only MSI Tee-shirt. And it all goes up from there, including offers to receive custom guitars and basses used and designed by the band members!

The design on the front of the shirt only given out to those who donate $25 towards the new MSI album!

Consider getting an announcement that the new album is officially a GO one of your most treasured Christmas gifts! The release of a new album also pretty much guarantees a multi-city tour across America sooner rather than later.

MSI promises that this album will be great and reminds leery fans that they have self-released many albums in the past to great results. They also promise the same quality of the Tee-shirts and hoodies will be the same as in the past, as they will be using their usual printer as they do for tours.

“We can’t promise that the world won’t end between now and March,” teases the band on their Kickstarter page. “Nothing in life is guaranteed. That said, we’ve got this shit well in hand.”