Otaku Antics was founded in Summer 2012 as a freely accessible source to a wide array of honest, humourous, and sometimes mystifying opinions. Current affairs, local and national entertainment, and recreation spots are covered in Otaku Antics. Otaku Antics also features music tracks, photographs, and even videos for its readers…just to keep things exciting.

In addition, Otaku Antics only features reviews of books, anime conventions, movies, albums, and concerts written by its own staff. This means you will not see the same tired review being hashed out all over the web on our site.

Otaku Antics is available free of charge for all to consume. The Otaku Antics website is updated routinely by its staff, with new material being posted at a minimum of once per week. A hard-copy version of Otaku Antics is also in the works, and it is expected to begin being distributed bi-weekly beginning in late Fall.

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