Wishful Thinking Dreams

When she cant bring herself to stay in this place called home,
When she can’t stop the darkness from corrupting her soul.
When each vibrant light flashes dead across the sky,
Showing her every depriving lie.

Stealing her wishful thinking dreams,
She realizes this book of her life, is being ripped at the seams.
Running block to block, building by building;
The image of herself tastefully fading.

Who she’s becoming is who she wanted to be,
All this is happening from chasing her wishful thinking dreams.
Lost in this town,
Foolishly screaming out loud.

No one can hear her- silence.
She’s giving up? Her biggest defiance.
When the deep blue ocean sky turns black,
How much longer can the stars put up the act?

Everyone of them sparkle with a tint of yellow and white; bursting gracefully with a brilliant beam.
Each shine is playing against her on an unfit team.
In her mind the sky is her friend,
Holding her troubles, helping with a gleaming grin.

Although its reality trying to trap her,
The loss of motivation, it’s starting to blur.
She’s imprisoned by a false illusion,
With a blink of an eye- BOOM!
Hit with a conclusion.

The stars know what she’s discovering.
No chance for her escape, the stars begin hovering.
Spiraling, spinning, twisting, and falling.
Wishful thinking dreams,
Exposing to the extremes.

She’s getting dizzy, lost for words,
This fine frenzy abruptly occurs.
Someones talking, she can’t tell who it is.
Glancing over her shoulder, the voice was his.

A heart aching lump forming in her throat from this blistering tease,
The stars are her friends they warn him to leave.
Fiery explosions burst into the ground,
She throws herself determined to defeat his screeching sound.

She swiftly jumps up, she’s in her bed,
Searching for a clock, she’s disoriented.
The voice has stopped, moisture fills her eyes,
She should have been smart and followed the wise.

That’s when it clicked and her thoughts began to extend,
Is this where her wishful thinking dreams end or begin?
Transforming into a hysterical mess,
All these hatred feelings dangerously suppressed.

She had her heart chained, now it’s derailing,
Tightly holding her chest, her breathing is failing.
Her heartbeat is going insane,
The images of him imprinted to her brain.

You can see in her eyes that the stars have disappeared,
The emptiness in her mind was never really feared.
Those wishful thinking dreams don’t need to bother,
She gave her last breath forgetting her unbarring father.


About Kasie Rogers

Kasie Rogers is a student, actress, and panelist from Louisville, Kentucky. She is an avid gamer and has a soft spot for nineties' pop music. She can often be found partying at local anime conventions around the Tri-State Area.

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